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The Flying Spur Range

The luxury of spontaneity.

Flying Spur


Whether you select the Flying Spur, Flying Spur W12 S, Flying Spur V8 S or Flying Spur V8, you will be taking the wheel of a thrilling performance car that remains every inch a luxury sedan – one that takes more than 130 hours to build. Which is why you’ll be able to appreciate countless thoughtful differences in craftsmanship, engineering, design and technology. Choose the Flying Spur and you will appreciate the difference with all of your senses.

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The Flying Spur offers a spectacular presence from every conceivable angle. It’s elegance shines through in the details – the sharply defined body shape, distinctive upright grille, large jewel headlamps, sharp fender wing vents and athletic design lines deliver an unmatched road presence. Step back and its performance capabilities shine through the classic Bentley power line that runs from the front wheel arch down the car’s flank. Note the crisply defined bonnet crease and muscular rear haunches.

Bentley Exterior Design


The Flying Spur’s handcrafted interior is a perfect balance of technology superbly and subtly showcased though matchless craftsmanship. Our expertise shines through in every detail. A wide choice of veneer options, in different finishes, mirror-matched, with or without cross banding, affords the creation of an interior that reflects personal taste; whether it is for a traditional feel or an edgier, modern look. We have introduced a new contemporary veneer option: deep, subtle Dark Stained Madrona. The result is a series of stunning, mirror-matched surfaces that flow seamlessly into the soft, tactile leather.



There are many options to complement the finish you choose - from seat sandwich-piping to contrast stitching and cross-stitching. You also have a choice of 17 main hide and 11 secondary hide colours that can be combined any way you desire within our 5 interior colour splits options. Flying Spur’s seats also feature a hand-stitched leather headliner: handcrafting surrounds the driver, and passengers in a dynamic yet sophisticated environment. The options are many; the combinations virtually limitless.

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The Flying Spur is built around the power of a 6.0 litre twin-turbocharged powerplant in the Flying Spur and Flying Spur W12 S. The Flying Spur V8 S and Flying Spur V8 share the same 4.0 litre V8 S twin-turbocharged engine. Both engines are developed to deliver effortless power and a tangible surge of acceleration, with remarkable road handling.


The seamless 8-speed transmission ensures the Flying Spur is always in the optimum gear. So it is responsive at low speeds and incredibly smooth, even through multiple gear changes. The car’s engine management system gives the driver total control of the effortless power that is always available, while also delivering a better range of gear choice. Shift into the transmission D Mode, or the even sportier S Mode, and you’ll notice the throttle response is immediately keener, even at low revs.

Effortless Comfort

All these small details add up to an exciting drive, but with no loss of the legendary Flying Spur ride refinement and comfort. This is thanks to the independent computer-controlled air suspension, which maximises impact absorption and isolation. The 8-speed Quickshift transmission ensures that even through multiple gear changes, the ride remains incredibly smooth. As you press the accelerator down, there is no rush of power, just a perfect, even surge that makes overtaking a breeze or accelerating on a long stretch of open road a pure, uninterrupted pleasure.