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The Bentley Continental GT was conceived, designed and built for that rare breed of person who refuses to let a single experience pass them by. It is everything a Grand Tourer should be, embodying a unique blend of exquisite style, craftsmanship and exhilaration. Available as a Coupé or Convertible, it is at the same time both powerful and sophisticated. The interior and exterior design create a sense of luxury that, combined with a remarkable driving experience, make it unlike any other car.

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The Crewe styling team has created a Bentley coupé of elegantly tailored lines and muscular form, with the precise crease of the front wings shaped by Superforming technology. Distinctive large, close-set inner headlamps, ringed by jewel-like LED lights, sit either side of the wide chrome grille. At the rear, Bentley’s signature ‘floating’ LED lights draw ones eye to the extremities of the car, emphasizing its low, wide stance. These sharp, contemporary lines are only achievable thanks to Bentley’s state-of-the-art facilities and its life-long commitment to producing coach-built cars featuring exquisite details. Each bodyline, crease and swell of bodywork has a look of millimetre-perfect precision. A sweeping bodyline spears backwards from the front wheel to meet the muscular curve of the rear wheel’s haunch, projecting a wide and confident stance. Superforming, a technique that uses a combination of 450ºC temperature and air pressure, is used to form the Continental GT’s immaculately tailored lines.



The interior cabin of the Continental GT combines carefully selected leather hides and smooth metal surfaces to deliver a seductive blend of luxury and steely modernism - all beautifully lit by low energy, LED lights. The exquisite leather strikes a perfect balance with the knurled chrome detailing and wood veneer, lacquered and sanded up to eighteen times to produce a truly flawless finish.


The supportive GT Design seats by Mulliner now have the option to be crafted from semi-aniline hides to give the cockpit a spacious ambiance and their slim line design offers easy access to rear seats. All leather surfaces are soft-touch, yet seams and edges are precisely defined. Instrument graphics are elegant and clear; the cabin architecture has a lithe, inviting feel.



With a choice between W12 or V8 engines, it is capable of astonishing performance, yet remains impeccably refined. With the W12 twin-turbo engine, the impressive torque results in an effortless reserve of power at the flex of the driver’s right foot. For the ultimate in efficient performance consider the V8 engine: innovatively designed to reduce engine weight and employing variable displacement technology. The result of all this innovation is a Continental GT V8 engine with improved power performance, with no penalty to fuel economy or emissions.


In variable displacement technology, four of the eight cylinders are effectively switched off at gentle throttle openings. As well as featuring in the Continental’s W12 engine, that technology now makes its appearance in the direct injection V8.


Every Bentley Continental features permanent all-wheel drive. Whether you're four-time world rally champion Juha Kankkunen targeting a new world ice speed record, or simply want to accelerate smartly away from the lights on a cold, wet winter's day, the reassuring grip and traction of all-wheel drive is the other essential ingredient in a Bentley's high performance capability.

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