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The Ghost Range

Effortless simplicity.



Whether you decide to drive or be driven, Ghost is a sign that says you know the difference between confidence and bravado. Understated beauty and composure matched with a surge of power that comes from within. All with a whisper-quiet ride that enables you to do business or entertain in your own time and space.

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Fluid lines, subtle sculpting and the presence of the iconic Rolls-Royce grille - every detail is precisely engineered for an effortless driving experience whenever and wherever your world takes you. From the very start, you have total freedom with the colours of the exterior and interior of Ghost.

Bentley Exterior Design


When a handpicked team of Rolls-Royce designers gathered together in secret, they sought to create a new style of motor car: one that was modern and dynamic. Musing on the co-existence of power and restraint, and ensuring they stayed true to the Rolls-Royce legacy, Ghost was born.

The Power of Simplicity


As a design statement, Ghost exudes simplicity. Fluid lines give it a dynamic and contemporary profile: a powerful look accentuated by the subtle sculpting at the front and the latest evolution of the iconic grille.

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Understated power

Embrace a more spirited drive. Upgrades to the the 8-speed automatic transmission let you pull off with more urgency, while gears are held for longer to give the engine more revving power.

Poised to perform

Ghost is one of the most advanced motor cars ever built, designed to fit seamlessly with a transient, global lifestyle lived to Coordinated Universal Time.

True success

Uncompromising, never ordinary – innovative technology and unrivalled engineering make driving Ghost intuitive. Ghost is the enabler to a fast-paced, global lifestyle. Intricate, innovative and intuitive, this is a motor car that’s been handcrafted with unparalleled precision to ensure it lives up to the standards you demand.